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Shenaz [10/29/04, 11:30 AM] writes:
I too regret not knowing my uncle well enough. I remember very well his trips to Bangkok, and all the times that my parents would take him and my auntie Po out for lunches, dinners and shopping. He never talked much, and i guess that we had something in common in that i didnt either, seeing as i was only 7. i was reflecting upon this the other day, when an almost forgotten memory came to my mind. as far as i thought i remembered, i hadnt had a proper conversation with him. but then an image of the both of us talking in our living room back in bangkok pushed its way rather rudely into my head, followed by a lot of the conversation. funnily enough, it was about how one could barely speak when one was around my parents, simply because my contributions were deemed unworhty as i was so young.he encouraged me from then on, to listen carefully to what they were saying and then, maybe after the discussion was over, quietly voice my opinion. i learn now that this was his technique, and he was trying to teach me it. it has been, no doubt, the most valuable lesson that i have learned from anyone, and i hope that i can keep this up. also, despite his busy schedule, i found that he always found the time to email me some joke or another, or a cool new website or internet game, not to mention lots of photos of champagne. It is too bad that i started to listen to jazz music after the last time i saw him in december 2000. i would have loved to share critiques and opinions with him on john coltranes music.
John [7/25/04, 11:33 AM] writes:
Just wanted to say thanks for an interesting website. Your subjuect is highly relevant to me personally and I did find a few facts that I haven't heard before. I will take them into consideration. You can not always believe what you find on the Internet but your website seems serious enough! ;-)
Andrea [6/28/04, 10:56 AM] writes:
I wish I had known my uncle better; he was always the silent observer at our rowdy family functions. But when he did grace us all with a comment, or especially when he told a joke, I felt lit up and happy to be part of his world. I'll never forget his "Indian spoon" joke over dinner with family one evening. We all miss him dearly.
Sajini and Shenaz [5/14/04, 10:34 AM] writes:
Anil was for me the brother i never had... He always listened and adviced whenever he could... he was great with my daughter Shenaz, his niece....I will never forget the bond that was formed between them the first time they ever met each other... it was in London..he was there for work and i was on my way back from Spain to Bangkok.
When she saw him she went immediately to him, sat on his lap and was smiling away as if she knew him from day one....
Life has taken him away from all of us... but his memory will never disappear from our hearts....
Shenaz and I love him dearly and often talk about him...
May God keep his soul at peace and next to Him...for I am sure now that He calls all the good people much quicker than the rest of us...
they must have a sacred mission to fulfill or perhaps they have finished their karma.... only He knows....
Markus [5/5/04, 8:58 AM] writes:
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Alex Lee [10/31/03, 1:14 PM] writes:
I visit whenever I need some enlightenment and encouragement. It helps tremendously to be able to remember. Thinking of Anil's accomplishments and ideals gives me strength to deal with my own issues.
Govind Bharvaney [10/1/03, 3:29 AM] writes:
Our Beloved Anil Bharvaney

Gone is the one we loved so dear

It is two years since joy went out of our lives
As you were snatched from us on this fateful day
Without getting a chance to say goodbye
We flow silent tears of unbearable grief and pain
We pray to God to keep you in his embrace and give you All the happiness that is possible in his kingdom.We miss you terribly every moment of our lives.

Govind Savitri Kishore.
Jaekie [9/14/03, 7:30 AM] writes:
Anil was the only friend of mine at Graduate.
I would keep just good memory of him. I know he is with the God. The god with him will keep and help Po in safe.
Mitsunori Fukushi [9/10/03, 7:49 PM] writes:
we remember Anil in our memory...
hope Anil's soul is calm and in pease.
urs keist [8/29/03, 2:47 AM] writes:
Nice Website! I ll never 4get ANIL! He was a Genius! It was great to work with him on several projects. I wish him good luck where ever he might be at the time....
Helena Hicks [7/17/03, 3:11 PM] writes:
Sorry to hear about your husband. I wish you well
Michael Barton [5/29/03, 4:00 PM] writes:
We will always miss you Anil.

I wish I new of your passion of music while I knew you. I am glad Po chose to have your memorial fund help out musicians.

Jim Zeoli [5/27/03, 8:55 AM] writes:
I was thinking about Anil today and thought I'd pay a visit to his site to listen to the music and see the photos.

We really miss him.

Sutapa Chattopadhyay [5/6/03, 6:33 PM] writes:
Still missing Anil. The website is great!
Yoshikazu Kobashi [4/11/03, 11:26 PM] writes:
Anil is one of my best friends from NYU.
Bryan Louie [2/28/03, 12:03 PM] writes:
Very touching