About Anil

"Anil was a model and a friend for so many people around the world. The sum of our pain is unbelievable."

A loving husband and well-respected professional, Anil's life was tragically ended on September 11, 2001. He was at the World Trade Center's north tower attending the financial technology conference at Windows on the World.

Anil Bharvaney was senior vice president of equities trading for Instinet Corporation, which pioneered the electronic stock trading industry more than 30 years ago. Anil was responsible primarily for building electronic bridges from Instinet to stock exchanges around the world to buy and sell stocks on behalf of Instinet's clients. He also oversaw all stock and trading information and was responsible for building synergies between various departments and groups of the organization.

Anil was a man of integrity, loved and respected by colleagues, business associates, staff, family, and friends. He was intelligent and soft-spoken. When Anil spoke it was always worth listening. You learned something from his insight," commented co-worker Kathy Colloton. Anil was kind and thoughtful. "It is rare that any of us can ever say that we have known someone who was truly a good person, someone who operated entirely without malice, without selfishness, and whose overriding consideration was always for the well-being and convenience of others," observed Mark Howarth, a coworker, and close friend.

Born in India, raised in Japan and educated in Canada and the United States, Anil met his wife, Po, at New York University, where he received an M.B.A. Anil traveled globally a great deal. He "was truly a citizen of the world," stated Mike Meehan, a good friend for many years.

Music was a passion of Anils. He played trumpet and an electric keyboard when he was younger, and listening to CDs was a relaxing hobby for him. When traveling, Anil carried his Walkman and mini CDs with his favorite pieces, and he picked up new music as well. He loved jazz, American and Japanese pop music, and much more. "His hearing was so acute," Po recollected. "That's one reason why he spoke so softly."

Anil also loved photography. While in high school, he tutored other students to earn money to purchase his first camera, a Nikon, which still takes terrific pictures. "I was always his assistant when we went picture taking" Po, laughed, "I carried the bags and equipment!" Anil had planned to set up a darkroom in their home.

Anil was a humble man who influenced many people and touched many lives in his 41 short years. He was a born leader and a mentor. Mike Meehan commented, "Apart from my wife, Anil Bharvaney was the only person on the planet that I trusted 100 percent." Another colleague and close friend, Alain Leroux, added, "Anil was a model and a friend for so many people around the world. The sum of our pain is unbelievable."

Anil will be missed by everyone who knew him. Po affirmed, "He was my best friend." The memorial fund she has established in his name at Westminster Conservatory of Music will keep his memory alive.