Anil was fluent in English and Japanese and spoke some Sindhi, an Indian dialect. He had a Bachelor of Science specializing in Management Science and Cybernetic Systems from San Jose State University and an MBA specializing in Computer Applications and Information Systems / International Business from New York University. As Senior Vice President of Equities Trading for Instinet Corporation, Anil Bharvaney oversaw such areas as exchange linkages, market data collection, crossing technology, trading portal, and QA. He was responsible for, "building synergies between the various departments/groups so the people associated in the building, maintaining, and supporting these products add value to the firm and have fun delivering these needed products and services to other parts of the organization."

When not working, Anil's leisurely pursuits included photography, music, and reading. Otherwise, Po, his wife, and Anil enjoyed the companionship of their cat, Champaigne.


"At first: figure out what is the right thing to do, then second: have the courage to carry it out" --Anil Bharvaney